Your Booth is Your Gallery

Welcome To Your Gallery ….

Consider the display and arrangement of your artwork. Help people visualize what the artwork will look like in their home.

2D artists — leave space around the artwork so each piece can be seen on its own. Use your outside walls for increased display space. Each extra side gives you 33% more wall space. Many art festivals offer corner booths or booths with extra space on 1 or both sides. If the booth fee is the same, then go for it! If there is an extra fee, it’s probably worth it.

3D artists — put your artwork on pedestals and make it stand out. Sculptors, ask the Festival staff (in advance) if there is any wide open area to showcase oversized artwork. Most of them want to create attractive shows and your artwork does that.

If you have a corner booth, which is open on 2 sides, consider how that positioning could help boost your sales. It’s easier and more welcoming (less threatening) for the attendee to enter. It lets more people see your artwork.

You can really see this effect in a jeweler’s corner booth, open on 2 sides, but it is equally effective for most 3D and many 2D artists. Your artwork is then visible from two directions instead of just one.

DO NOT overcrowd your booth with artwork. Make it look like a gallery space. Your work deserves to be seen in a gallery setting. Overcrowding will quickly make even great artwork look like a flea market (and its perceived value goes down accordingly).

Think about your display units, browse bins, rugs, and other decor (fresh plant or flowers). Do they complement your artwork and show it off to its best advantage?

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