What Makes An Art Festival Right for You?

What kinds of things do you consider as you plan for your upcoming year?

What Makes A Festival Great for You ArtFest Fort Myers

Few artists have the “exact formula” for which festivals will produce the perfect crowds who will purchase their artwork, but here are nine key questions to help you narrow the field:

  1. Does the size of the community dovetail with the number of participating artists?
  2. Is the festival focused on producing an art-buyer crowd for you?
  3. Does the community show evidence of supporting the arts, visual and performing, throughout the year?
  4. Does the event marketing plan span all media (print, radio, TV, website, social) to reach a broad range of buyers?
  5. Is there an option for artists to join the event advertising program to promote themselves?
  6. Can you create a comfortable circuit, including several weekend festivals, to accommodate your travel plans?
  7. Check out the festival “Artist Gallery” page, if available. Is there a good balance between mediums of invited artists and does the previous years artists’ work fit with yours?
  8. Do the artist amenities (layout/set up/hotel rates/reserved parking/ hospitality) best suit your needs?
  9. Have you inquired among your artist friends for recommendations?

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Saturday and Sunday, February 1 & 2, 2020
10 am - 5 pm
On the waterfront in historic downtown Fort Myers

Opening Night: Friday, January 31 • 6 - 9 pm

Phone: 239-768-3602

Email: info@artfestfortmyers.com

We're delighted to have helped Babcock Ranch launch the inaugural Babcock Ranch Art Show with artists of the quality you enjoy every year at ArtFest Fort Myers. We encourage artists to apply for the Babcock Ranch Art Show and everyone to enjoy other Babcock Ranch events.