“The Arts Mean Business”

Did you know that Lee County’s non-profit arts organizations create 2,038 full-time jobs and $68 million in economic activity? (That’s more than the Red Sox and Twins combined!)

Those are some of the eye-opening numbers in “Arts & Economic Prosperity IV,” just released by Americans for the Arts in partnership with Lee County Alliance for the Arts.

It’s true! “The arts mean business.”

The findings from Arts & Economic Prosperity IV send a clear and welcome message: leaders who care about community and economic vitality can feel good about choosing to invest in the arts.
~ Robert L. Lynch, President and CEO, American for the Arts

Click here to download the full report (PDF).

Beautiful Jewelry Recognized


Ronald Linton wowed the judges with his jewelry and walked away with a 2016 Merit Award. He uses the primary materials shibuichi and 18k gold to create stunning, elemental looking pieces. We hope you had the opportunity to meet him at ArtFest Fort Myers and enjoy his work!

Wearable Art Garners Award


Candiss Cole-Footitt, a 2016 Award Of Merit Winner, specializes in wearable art that is hand dyed and woven. (Hers may be the only Atelier in the world that hand weaves Ikat-Shibori.) We are so glad she joined us to share the fabulous techniques that her grandmother taught her in a little Dutch town in New York!