Art Supply Grants

To support the arts in Lee County elementary schools, ArtFest Fort Myers makes Art Supply Grants totaling $2,000 to $3,000 each year, all from the sale of festival T-shirts. When you buy a T-shirt at the Festival — or from our online store — you’re showing your support for our young people!

Here’s What the Grants Do for Lee County Kids

Lee County elementary school teachers apply for grants, ranging from $200 to $400, to supplement their yearly supply budget. Often their budget is $200 for the entire year for 400+ students. (How many crayons does that buy?)

Grant funds have provided kids throughout Lee County:

  • Watercolors and crayons
  • Kiln supplies and clay
  • African Artist teaching materials
  • Supplies for colorful canvas floor cloths
  • Embossing and metalworking punches & tin
  • Figural manikins and templates
  • Ethnic masks and decorating supplies

And Here’s What Teachers Say …

“I assumed that I would be starting the year with my broken crayons and three bottles of glue from last year. Fortunately, my day got much better when I received the Art Supply Grant funds at our In Service Meeting! …all of my students will be able to learn metal & tin smithing!”
~ Suzanne Jangraw, Hector Cafferata Elementary

“Thank you, so much, for supporting the art program at our school. Without your help, I would only have a $500 budget to teach 700 students for the entire school year!”
~ Lynne Olson, Colonial Elementary

Very Special Art Supply Grant

The Matlacha Hookers is a 1,000-member women’s service organization whose mission is to “make a positive difference in their community.” And they’re doing exactly that as the Beverage Team for ArtFest Fort Myers. Each year we make a $1,200 donation in their name to the Pine Island Elementary School art program.

“Our Pine Island Elementary students and staff and Paul Adamick, our art teacher the first semester of this school year, would like to thank you for your generous donation of $1,200 for our art department. Our students benefit so much as a result of your caring and dedicated members of your organization. Thanks for all you do to keep art alive in our schools.”
Robert W. Mazzoli, Principal, Pine Island Elementary School

Support ArtFest Fort Myers’ educational programs and help create a lifelong love of the arts!

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