Tips for Artists

Jury Success: How to Put Your Best Foot Forward

Thoughts about the jury process … the competition is fierce Artists often ask for our thoughts about their jury images — sometimes before they apply and sometimes after the jury results are announced. Based on viewing thousands of images and talking to many artists we thought it might also be helpful to share some of […]

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Study Those Busy Booths

Be aware … of what busy artists around you are doing. More »

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How to Create a Selling Atmosphere

Capturing More Sales Is A Team Effort At ArtFest Fort Myers, the staff spends the vast majority of their time creating a setting and audience conducive for you to sell your artwork.

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Your Booth is Your Gallery

Welcome To Your Gallery …. Consider the display and arrangement of your artwork.

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Help the Buyer See Your Artwork in Their Home

Is your artwork displayed in your booth the way you feel it should be displayed in the buyer’s home? Is the framing/glass/mat the most appropriate for the artwork? Does it do your artwork justice or cheapen it? Is it the style most buyers would hang in their home? Does the artwork need a pedestal to […]

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Be Available! Buyers Love to Talk to Artists

Artists need to be available to talk to attendees (buyers) quickly and easily. Be present and easily approachable in your booth. More »

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How to Build Sales Before and After an Art Festival

You are the perfect person to build your business and wonderful art “brand” by using Marketing & Promotion all year long and here are some helpful tips to get you started: The Internet has given everyone (especially artists with artwork for sale) great and free tools to increase sales.

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Put Technology In Your Corner

“I don’t have time for it” Sure all this new technology is sometimes a challenge. And we “don’t have time for it”. But really the financial rewards of keeping up are impressive. There are many products and services that can make the business side of selling your artwork a little less complicated and a lot more productive: […]

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What Makes An Art Festival Right for You?

What kinds of things do you consider as you plan for your upcoming year? Few artists have the “exact formula” for which festivals will produce the perfect crowds who will purchase their artwork, but here are nine key questions to help you narrow the field: Does the size of the community dovetail with the number of participating artists? […]

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