How to Build Sales Before and After an Art Festival

You are the perfect person to build your business and wonderful art “brand” by using Marketing & Promotion all year long and here are some helpful tips to get you started:

The Internet has given everyone (especially artists with artwork for sale) great and free tools to increase sales.More »

Be Available! Buyers Love to Talk to Artists

Be Ready … Be Engaging and Smile … They’re Here To See You!

We live in an instant information and instant gratification world. Artists need to be available to talk to attendees (buyers) quickly and easily.

Be present and easily approachable in your booth. As prospective customers come into your booth, you need to have a winning message to catch your buyers attention.

Develop routine comments about your artwork that are quick, interesting, and to the point.

“Why” you create can often show your passion but your technique may be the hook that gets patrons interested in learning more. Starting a conversation can often end with a sale! You know your artwork better than anyone. And it’s up to you to learn to speak about it in a manner that is contagious and arresting to the patrons who enter your booth.

Every businessperson should have an “elevator speech” — a quick and attention-getting summation of what you make or do — especially if you are in sales!

The reason an “elevator speech” is called an “elevator speech” is because it should take no more time than one might have with someone in an elevator. If it takes much more than 30 seconds, your pitch is too long and you may lose your chance.

Remember that you want to stand out and generate excitement about your work! Your elevator speech should reflect who you are and why your work is special. A good place to start is by making a bullet point style list of what you want to convey and then make that list “conversational.”

I once heard an artist comment on an image that a woman was admiring by stating that it took him 25 years to paint it. (That was 25 years, in the business, honing his technique.) So began a conversation, with a smile, that ended in a successful sale.

A Couple other Thoughts

Don’t sit in the back or your booth or across the street from your booth with your iPad, smartphone or book. Attendees won’t take the time to find you and will feel like they are bothering you. Make eye contact with those who come into your booth, even when you are with another guest. That makes people feel welcome.

Can you demonstrate your pieces? If so, then you should be demonstrating them on a regular basis and get the patrons involved — make it FUN! Demonstrating on-site or having an illustrative Artist Statement lets people get to know you and your work. And that means more sales!

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“The Arts Mean Business”

Did you know that Lee County’s non-profit arts organizations create 2,038 full-time jobs and $68 million in economic activity? (That’s more than the Red Sox and Twins combined!)

Those are some of the eye-opening numbers in “Arts & Economic Prosperity IV,” just released by Americans for the Arts in partnership with Lee County Alliance for the Arts.

It’s true! “The arts mean business.”

The findings from Arts & Economic Prosperity IV send a clear and welcome message: leaders who care about community and economic vitality can feel good about choosing to invest in the arts.
~ Robert L. Lynch, President and CEO, American for the Arts

Click here to download the full report (PDF).

Help the Buyer See Your Artwork in Their Home

Is your artwork displayed in your booth the way you feel it should be displayed in the buyer’s home?

Is the framing/glass/mat the most appropriate for the artwork? Does it do your artwork justice or cheapen it? Is it the style most buyers would hang in their home?

Does the artwork need a pedestal to sit on? Do you have one for the buyer?

Is your artwork ready to install in the buyer’s home with no effort on their part? If not, do you openly offer that you will come install it?

Your Booth is Your Gallery

Welcome To Your Gallery ….

Consider the display and arrangement of your artwork. More »

How to Create a Selling Atmosphere

Capturing More Sales Is A Team Effort

At ArtFest Fort Myers, the staff spends the vast majority of their time creating a setting and audience conducive for you to sell your artwork. More »

Study Those Busy Booths

Be aware … of what busy artists around you are doing.

What is that artist doing that you aren’t?

Maybe nothing and it’s just the luck of the day.

Or maybe there is something to be learned from that busy booth.

Jury Success: How to Put Your Best Foot Forward

Thoughts about the jury process … the competition is fierce

Artists often ask for our thoughts about their jury images — sometimes before they apply and sometimes after the jury results are announced. Based on viewing thousands of images and talking to many artists we thought it might also be helpful to share some of our thoughts here.More »

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