We are thrilled to announce ArtFest@Home. This virtual art festival is being created to exist alongside the in-person festival providing additional experiences and artwork sales for everyone. ArtFest@Home will open a few days before the in-person festival and will remain open longer - again increasing artist sales. Virtual Festivals being creating on new, cutting edge platforms, like Eventeny, are vibrant; engaging; content packed and sales driven.

Having a virtual component to art festivals is the way of the future. Certainly the virtual component will never replace the community joy of the in-person festivals. Think of the virtual component as opening new markets for your artwork and reaching buyers for more time than just a weekend.

Here's a quick look at ArtFest@Home:

  • All artists accepted to ArtFest Fort Myers are also in ArtFest@Home.
  • No other artists will be in ArtFest@Home, only those accepted through the in-person festival jury process.
  • There is no additional “booth fee” to be part of ArtFest@Home, it’s a package deal with the in-person festival.
  • There will be plenty of tech support for artists, although if you can handle ZAPP or PayPal or your own eCommerce store you will love the ArtFest@Home interface.
  • ArtFest Fort Myers will provide extensive assistance to artists to maximize their online sales at ArtFest@Home or any other virtual art show.

Virtual Art Festival Demo

Hosted on the Eventeny platform

Here's the recording of the initial Demo for artists delivered on August 12, 13 & 14, 2020. This demo only covered artist aspects of ArtFest@Home. There is so much more content being planned to make it engaging.

More ArtFest@Home Benefits For Artists

Built on the powerful and multifaceted Eventeny platform, ArtFest@Home brings the excitement of the in-person art festival right into attendees' homes. Artist features include:

  • “Store” for each artist.
  • Unlimited images per artist with descriptions, prices, variations, shipping/delivery/installation options and more.
  • Unlimited videos per artist: demos, studio tours, booth tours, interviews are just some ideas.
  • Bulk image upload avoiding that tedious one-at-at-time process.
  • Live Chat with virtual attendees or they make an appointment to Chat with you (auto-powered by Zoom).
  • Artist Statement area; contact info; links to your YouTube, Facebook, etc.
  • Integrated Shopping Cart within ArtFest@Home. Think shopping experience on Amazon, buy many items and pay one time. Eventeny analytics show that 78% of virtual attendees buy from multiple artists in 1 transaction.
  • Orders/shipping, money, email database and sales tax info all sent automatically to each artist, privately of course. Money is processed through Stripe.
  • The Eventeny platform automatically adjusts for online traffic – surging bandwidth when needed to eliminate slow down or crashing of website. It is hosted on Amazon servers for state-of-the-art support.
  • ArtFest@Home will begin about a week before ArtFest Fort Myers (advance buying & shopping and VIP Club) and continue for a month or more after the in-person festival. The after-festival timing is still being determined in ways that maximize artist sales.
  • Maybe best of all, once you build your ArtFest@Home Store, then any other virtual art festival you participate in who uses Eventeny can automatically add your Store. Or if you have already participated in an art festival on Eventeny’s platform then it rolls to ArtFest@Home. No work on your part – unless you want or need to edit your Store.
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Saturday and Sunday, February 5 & 6, 2022
Opening Night Friday, February 4
On the waterfront in historic downtown Fort Myers

Phone: 239-768-3602